Bachelor/One Step Programs

How can I become a student of bachelor’s degree/single-level educational program?
  • You should have a Certificate of Higher Secondary Education or a document equal to it. Additionally, you should manage to obtain European University student status through the scores obtained on the unified national exams.


How to go through administrative registration?
  • After the final results are published by the National Examination Center (NAEC), administrative registration terms will be announced on the website of European University.The registration is available  on no later than the tenth calendar day after the information is published.


How do I make a contract if I am an adult / minor?
  • If you are an adult, you make a contract yourself, but minor should be accompanied by a parent / guardian / parental trustee to sign a contract.
  • You should have a copy of your ID, birth certificate, and a payment certificate of ¼ of the tuition fee (payment receipt).


What documents shall I submit?
  • A notarized copy of a certificate of higher secondary education (statement of marks) and a document certifying a presence on military registration in case of male students.
  • Statement on the rector’s name (is filled in place).
  • Copy of your ID.
  • Original or a notarized copy of a statement of marks.
  • A copy of a military card (for male students).
  • A photo 3X4 (1 piece), as well as the electronic version on a CD.


When will the enrollment occur?
  • No later than October 1.
What if I could not meet a deadline for registration?
  • In this case, you can contact us with enrollment request before June 1 of the following year. However, if you enroll in this way, you will not be able to use the state grant obtained.


Shall I take an internal university examination?
  • In order to determine your level in English language and get you in a group that is relevant to your knowledge, the university will conduct foreign language examination.


How to go through academic registration?
  • After administrative registration, you shall go through academic registration – select the training courses provided by the program within the timeframe we set. It is important to present a document confirming a payment (payment receipt) of ½ of the tuition fee for the semester.
  • If a student cancels registered subjects or/and has his/her student status suspended one week after the study starts, it does not relieve him/her from financial obligations between him/her and the university.


How do I select subjects?

 In the system of European University -, through which you can select subjects, you will be given the user name and password. Your faculty managers will assist you in choosing your program and level of relevant subjects.


What is a tuition fee at European University?
  • The tuition fee on bachelor’s degree and a single-level program at European University consists of 2250 GEL.


How to pay the tuition fee?

You can pay the tuition fee in any branch of Bank of Georgia or TBC Bank. Identification data:

  • European University, Ltd
  • I/C  201 954 956

Bank of Georgia:

  • GE87BG0000000347729500
  • Bank Code: BAGAGE22

TBC Bank:

  • GE44TB7819636020100003
  • Bank Code: TBCBGE22

You can also pay the tuition fee through a TBC pay box.