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Partner universities of European University (2018-2019)


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Bilateral Agreements

In addition to Erasmus+ programs, our students can also study at foreign universities in terms of bilateral agreements (studying for 1 semester, doing short-term certificate courses and other academic activities). Bilateral Agreements Signed with following partner universities:

International Organizations


European University as an accredited higher education institution is recognized by several organizations:


German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

If you want to get scholarship of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), please, directly consult with this organization. Please, see additional information here.

Other Funds

Research Practice

European University offers international students research practice experience guided by our professors.

Qualification awarding Programs

If you want to study at qualification awarding academic programs, please, consult with the staff.

Application Submission (BA., MA.)

  • Tamar Zarginava - Vice-Rector for International Relations
  • Building of the Faculty Medicine,17 Sarajishvili Street, 0189, Tbilisi
  • Email:

Application Submission Procedure

  • Completed application
  • Document on the student’s status from European university
  • One reference letter from the professor of European University
  • Document on the financial state of the applicant (income statement, bank statement of the last 6 months, sponsor’s letter with attached documents)
  • Document of academic record
  • Document from the home university on the completion year
  • Results from the English language interview

Please, bring these documents in the Office of International Relations. The student’s sending to the partner university is decided by the commission which is created by the rector’s order.

For Autumn Fall an application must be sent by 1 May.

For Spring Fall an application must be sent by 1 December.