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We will advise you if you plan to study abroad or/and have study internship or going to study or/and have study internship at our university. In addition to that, we regularly hold events for our international and local students.

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Please, see the event list on this page. Prospective participants, please, register on the concrete event page.


  • Tatia Dolidze - Head of the Office of International Relations
  • 76 D. Guramishvili Avenue, 0141, Tbilisi, Georgia, Room 305, administrative building of European University
  • Email:



Renewal of Study Term

A student of international exchange program can continue study at European University after finishing a term but not for more than one additional semester. In total, study period including the extended study time, cannot exceed 2 semesters.

To extend the study period, the student has to ask for permission from the rector of European University and his/her home university. Accordingly, there should be an agreement between the sides (sending and host universities and a student).

Enlisting Foreign Students – Important Issues

In the process of enlisting foreign students might arise several important issues, which are grouped in three categories:

  • Selection of subjects
  • Change of exchange program or study internship
  • Health related problems

Please, pay attention to the fact that these issues concern only international exchange program students.

Selection of Subjects

In case the subjects offered at European University do not correspond to the subjects of your home university, you are eligible to study not more 2 subjects at the undergraduate level and 1 subject at the master’s level. For advice, please, consult with the Office of International Relations.

Selection of subject is possible during the first week since the study term starts. For registration, contact the Office of International Relations.


Catalogue of English Language Courses 


Erasmus+ Coordinator at European University

  • Tatia Dolidze - Head of the Office of International Relations
  • 76 D. Guramishvili Avenue, 0141, Tbilisi, Georgia, Room 305, administrative building of European University
  • Email:


Change of Study Program or Study Internship

The issues during the change of exchange program or study internship are related to these topics:

  • Studying at European University for getting qualification and without it
  • Study internship or short-term programs
  • Changing a subject
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s theses
  • Research projects/academic work


Health Related Problems

In case you have health related restrictions, please, inform us about them one month before the study semester starts. The university will try its best to create acceptable environment to provide relevant study process and university life to you.

Intercultural Training

Get ready to study in Georgia

The purpose of the training is to assist international exchange program students to be actively involved in learning process and university life as well as give necessary information on the country.

Prospective international exchange program students who want participate in the training should contact the Office of International Relations at


Mentoring program includes support for international exchange program students who study at European University for 1 or 2 semesters from the Office of International Relations, other units of the university and senior students in the fields of:

  • Meeting at airport
  • Assisting in finding accommodation
  • Assisting in transportation
  • Giving information about Tbilisi
  • Giving information about the infrastructure and services of European University
  • Providing information about the academic process

Registration form for international students.


Dear Students and Staff Members of European University!

Are you a student of European University? Professor or/and member of administration? Sharing your knowledge and experience is very important for us. Please, contact us at


Visa Service

On the visa, please, see:



On the insurance, please, see: Georgian Insurance Association



European University will assist our international students in communication with our partner rental companies.

We also recommend seeing these websites:


Language Courses

For European University Students

The students who want to take part into exchange programs have opportunity to improve foreign language competencies through 25 compulsory ECTS and 20 free ECTS.

For International Students

International students can study Georgian as well as European languages in the framework of international mobility.