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Tatia Dolidze graduated with distinction from the Tbilisi State University faculty of Social and Political Sciences [Major: International Relations, Minor: Psychology] with the Bachelors thesis “Social Construction of Greenland’s Decision to Leave the European Communities”. During her student years Tatia was socially active as a National Committee member of the European Youth Parliament Georgia. She undertook traineeships at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, at the Ministry of Finances of Georgia, at the AIESEC local committee of Turin, Italy and spent one semester on a bilateral exchange at the Institute of International Relations and Politics of the Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Later she obtained an Open Society Foundation scholarship and after pre-Masters preparation at the Bilgi University in Istanbul, continued her 2nd cycle of studies at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Tatia obtained a Masters Degree Cum Laude in European Studies from Maastricht University with the thesis “Comparative Study of EU’s Discursive and Policy Practices Towards Baltic States and Georgia”. Together with the fellow students from Maastricht University, Tatia contributed to the online analytical platform “Beyond the EU” writing and editing articles about the socio-political issues concerning the EU and its Eastern neighborhood. 

Tatia was then granted a scholarship by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and spent a trimester studying Italian Culture and Literature at the University of Siena in Italy, after which she moved to Brussels for a 6-months traineeship at the European Parliament, DG ERPS, providing research service to the Members of the European Parliament. After completing EP traineeship, Tatia remained in Brussels where she was recruited by the leading European think-tank Center for European Policy Studies as a Research Assistant at the EU Foreign Policy Unit, writing publications on matters related to Georgia, the Eastern Partnership countries and the EU-Russia relations.

After leaving CEPS, Tatia obtained a place among 12 first-intake PhD students at the EU-funded English-taught multidisciplinary European Studies PhD program at the IES, TSU, Georgia. For her PhD dissertation, Tatia has since been researching the European and Regional integration processes in the South Caucasus, both in Georgia and Chezh Republic where she spent one academic year on a PhD mobility, while also undertaking professors’ assistantship at the Masaryk University in Brno. 

Tatia returned to Georgia upon her appointment on a diplomatic position of a Georgian Youth Representative to the United Nations which she obtained through the open competition. For a year, Tatia was representing Georgian youth at the UN, New York and other International official events, consulting and advising young people around Georgia, holding charity events, planning and executing youth projects, etc. Once her mandate as a Youth Representative was over, Tatia began advising to the Office of the National Security Council of Georgia as a Chief Counselor of the International Relations and Communications Department. 

As for her academic career, since 2015 Tatia has held the position of an invited lecturer at the Tbilisi State University teaching BA and MA courses in the direction of European Studies, while she has also worked as a trainer in public speaking for different educational establishments. In 2019, Tatia became the Head of both the International Relations programme and the Office itself, and obtained academic rank of an Assistant Professor at the European University, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Apart from Georgian which is her native language, Tatia is fluent in French, Italian, English and Russian languages, and speaks intermediate Spanish.