I am honored to welcome you on behalf of the Faculty of Law, Humanitarian and Social Sciences of the European University.

As you know, education contributes to the formation of dignified and responsible person at any stage of state development. The Faculty of Law, Humanitarian and Social Sciences at the European University is another great factor in Georgia, which determines this orientation.

The faculty does not spare efforts to give future lawyers, diplomats and psychologists not only theoretical knowledge and information, but also develop their necessary skills and courage for future professional activities, prepare for the most difficult challenges of the century.

Teaching quality on the faculty fully meets modern requirements and internationally recognized standards. We have a team of professionals of high-level specialists and advanced scientists who aregraduates of various prestigious universities in the world. They are renown legal researchers, as well as law-makers, practicing lawyers, actively involved in the country's legal development.

The faculty is involved in numerous international projects, we are inviting recognized experts from the US and European countries who conduct master classes to our students in the relevant field. The best students have opportunity to complete internships in foreign clinics.

Learning on the faculty of law, humanitarian and social sciences requires being organized, able to work selflessly  and persistent in achieving the desired goal. This is a crucial step taken for your future career.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Nino Taliashvili

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Humanitarian and Social Sciences