<span>Zaza Avaliani </span>

Zaza Avaliani


Doctor of Medical Sciences

Zaza Avaliani successfully graduated from Tbilisi State Medical Institute in 1984 and was an auditor at the faculty of International Relations at Tbilisi State University from 1979-1982. In 2003, he received a Doctor of Medicine degree.

Since 2001 he was a Professor of Pipia Medical Institute, from 2007-2010 - full Professor at IB Euro Caucasian University. In 2014 and 2016, he was lecturing at Tbilisi Medical Academy. Currently he is carries out educational activities at European University, he is the director of Medical Doctor Educational program. In various years, he worked at the National Antiseptic Centre and Aladashvili University Hospital. from 2003-2006, he was the Vice Rector and the Head of Study-Scientific Department of Tbilisi State Medical University,  and was the Head of Strategic Development and Quality Service of Aversi Clinic in 2007-09. From 2005-2013, he was a member of the National Biotech, Expert of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs of Georgia, and an expert of the Board of International Education in 2006. From 2006-2008, he was a member of Curatio - International Medical Advisory Group. In 2009 and 2010, he occupied a position of a Director of Tbilisi Vocational Education Center “Spectre”.  In 2011, he was a pathologist at the clinic network - GeoHospitals. From 2012-2014, he held position of a pathologist and the head of the Ambulatory of Tbilisi central hospital. In 2011-14, he was the Chief Doctor at Abeloff Laboratory of Cancer Research Center. Since 2014 he has been a director of the National Center for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases.

Zaza Avaliani is an author of 87 printed scientific works, including in International Journal of Science. He is a member of several professional associations, including: AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe, Association of Pathologists of Georgia XXI (President), Atherosclerosis Association, Georgian Association of Medical Education Professionals (president), Association of Georgian Clinical Pathologists, and others.


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