<span>Tengiz Alpenidze</span>

Tengiz Alpenidze

Invited Staff

Tengiz Alpenidze successfully graduated from the college of Tbilisi State Medical University in 2004 and the faculty of medicine at the same university in 2008.

For years he was an intern at the Department of Nervous Diseases of Tbilisi Republic Hospital, Cardiology Department of Therapy Institute and Tbilisi State Medical University Postgraduate Education and Continuous Professional Development Center. In 2013-2015 he worked at the Department of Medicine and Bioethics at Tbilisi State Medical University and was a teacher of Bioethics at the Medical University Hippocrates in 2013-2014.  In 2014-2015, he was reading lectures on history of medicine at Teaching University Geomed. He joined the European University team in 2018 and is leading lectures on the same course.

Tengiz Alpenidze has received various awards and certificates, he is also an author of the article "Anti-Epidemic Events in the Nineteenth Century in Georgia" published in scientific-practical journal.




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