<span>Vakhtang Shoshiashvili</span>

Vakhtang Shoshiashvili

Invited Staff
Doctor of Medicine in Oncology

Vakhtang Shoshiashvili successfully graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Tbilisi State Medical University in 1985 and was awarded with a degree of Doctor of Medicine in Oncology in 1992.

Over the years he worked as an emergency physician - at Georgian Oncology Scientific Center and All-Union Oncology Science Centre of the Academy of Medical Sciences; as a physician-anesthesiologist - at the National Center for Oncology of the Republic of Georgia; Martin and Abelph's Clinic Cancer Research Center; the first university clinic and Clinical Medicine Scientific-Research InstituteCurrently, he is working at the Clinical Medicine Scientific-Research Institute.

He is leading lecture courses in anesthesiology and resuscitation at the European University.

Vakhtang Shoshiashvili has participated in the following international scientific forums: European School of Oncology, Immunotherapy Of Tumors (Moscow), CIRSE 2011 (Munich, Germany), EFIC 2015 IX Congress (Vienna, Austria). He has completed an internship at Oncological Hospital in Ankara (Turkey) and Rehabilitation Clinic in Ulm (Germany). He has published 27 scientific works and one monograph.


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