<span>Nato Natroshvili </span>

Nato Natroshvili

Affiliated Professor
Doctor of Medicine

Nato Natroshvili successfully graduated from the medical faculty of Tbilisi State Medical Institute in 1985 and was awarded with a Doctoral degree in Medicine in 2009.

In 1985 to 1986 she worked as a doctor-intern at Roud Clinical Hospital, and  physician neuropathologist at the First Key Polyclinic in Tbilisi in 1986-1987. She was appointed as a physician-neuropathologist at the Ministry of Security Consulting Polyclinics in 2001-2004.  She was a medical consultant at charity-humanitarian organization "Mushroom" in 2004-2012. She has been a doctor-neuropathologist  at Tbilisi Central Hospital since 1987.

She has been carrying out educational activities since 1987 at the Institute of Neurology in electroencephalography. In 1999 she  was working as a doctor at Saint-Petersburg medical academy of postgraduate studies and in 2003Post Graduate Studies and Continuing Medical Education Academy in Tbilisi State MedicalUniversity- "Epilepsy in Primary Health Care"; Department of Pediatric Neurology Institute at Tbilisi State MedicalUniversity in 2007.  She participated in various local and international congresses and conferences over the years such as: RSNA - North American Radiological Congress (Chicago, Illinois, USA), First Congress of Neurologists Unionof Georgia and etc.

At present, she is leading the lecture course in neurology at European University.

Nato Natroshvili is an author of numerous scientific works.

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