<span>Lali Koptonashvili</span>

Lali Koptonashvili

Invited Staff

Lali Koptonashvili successfully graduated from the Faculty of Preventive Medicine of Tbilisi State Medical University with the qualification of doctor in 1999. Later she completed the third basic Medical College in Tbilisi with the qualification of nurse.

In various years she worked in the Intensive Care Unit of the Children's Central Clinic, at National Center for Disease Control, MD Nutrition, and Ivane Beritashvili Institute of Physiology. She carries out educational activities in the Department of Biophysics of Tbilisi State Medical University and European University (she conducts the lecture course of Biophysics).

In various years she has participated in local and international conferences, has earned awarded and certificates, including in Turkey, Switzerland and Belgium. She is the author of numerous scientific works and articles.

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