<span>Megi Mandaria</span>

Megi Mandaria

Invited Staff
Doctor of Philology

Megi Mandaria successfully completed Kutaisi State Pedagogical University in 1980; in 2006 earned Doctor’s degree.

She is the author of scientific papers, monographs and books, editor-reviewer of several works. She has participated in conferences and professional training-workshops organized by various international funds (Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, Spain). She has worked as an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor, Head of Direction, Faculty Dean, Member of commission of Competition for academic positions. She is an assessor and marker of the National Assessment and Examination CenterShe is the author of several mock trial projects (including two international) funded by the US EmbassyShe is a member of several international associations: Georgian-Britain International AssociationTbilisi-Bristol International AssociationKutaisi-New Port International AssociationSoroptimist woman International Association, ETAG in Georgia.

At present she is leading the course on academic writing at European University

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