<span>David Elgandashvili</span>

David Elgandashvili

Assistant Professor
Doctor of Medicine

David Elgandashvili successfully graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University in 2003; he was awarded with a state certificate in general surgery in 2008. In 2011-2015 he completed the course in field surgery and earned doctoral degree at Tbilisi State Medical University.

In 2013 he was trainee in enhanced laparoscopy and robotic surgery in Modena, Italy at St. Augustine Hospital. In 2003-2011, he worked at the “Thoracoabdominal Clinic”; in 2011-2012 - Amtel Hospital I as a surgeon, from 2012 to present a Surgeon at Clinic  “Caraps Medline”   and currently he is the head of department of general and minimally invasive surgery named after M. Kiladze.

He is a member of Mini-invasive Surgery Association of Georgia; he is an author of 12 scientific articles (2 international and 10 local).


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