<span>Marika Arevadze </span>

Marika Arevadze

Invited Staff

Marika Arevadze studied in Goethe Institute in 2003, after that graduated from Tbilisi State University (Faculty of Law) in 2008 and received Master's Degree in Law at the University of Georgia in 2010. She is a doctoral student of law school at the same university since 2011.

She worked as a lawyer in various private companies in 2005-2014, including: PSP Group, New Hospitals, Mark Invest and Geomed. She was the head of Legal Service at New Hospitals, a member of the Ethics Commission of the Georgian Bar Association in 2017. In 2012, he was co-founder and head of "Young Lawyers" and in 2016 she founded Ltd "Marika Arevadze law group". She is carrying-out educational activities at Georgian National University, Advocacy Education Center and Georgian University. She has participated in various projects including: "Walking on Foot" - "Implementation of Infantry Rights in Georgia", Legal Expert (UNDEF); "Young Lawyers" project - "Analysis of Legal Issues of Infrastructural Project", Member of the Executive Team of the Project.

At present, she is leading the lecture course in Personal Data Protection Law and Health Law at European University.

Marika Arevadze is a member of the Georgian Bar Association, an author of scientific publications and researches.


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