<span>NUNU BERIDZE</span>


Assistant Professor
Academic Doctor in Endocrinology

In 1972 Nunu Beridze successfully graduated from Leningrad I.Pavlov First Medical Institute, specializing in general profile physician.

In various years she worked at Tbilisi Emergency Medical Center, Tbilisi 26th Polyclinic and the Institute of Health Care of Georgia.

In 1987-1998, she was a Senior Research-Scientist at the Metabolism Regulatory Department of M. Tsinamdzghvrishvili Cardiology Institute, in 1998-2001 - Doctor Endocrinologist of the Tbilisi Republican Medical Diagnostic Center, in 2001-2013 - Endocrinologist at St. Ioakim and St. Anna Maternity Home of Georgian Patriarchate. At present, she is an endocrinologist of Expert Diagnostics and consultant endocrinology at Pineo Medical Ecosystem.

She has participated in variety of conferences and congresses, both inside and outside the country, including: World Congress of Diabetes, European Diabetic Association Congress, and European Thyroid Association Conferences.

Nunu Beridze is the author of 40 scientific articles printed in different international or local editions.


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