Scientific Research Institute of Law

Scientific Research Institute of Law was established with the faculty of Law, Humanitarian and Social Sciences of European University in 2015, which itself publishes the scientific journal -Law and World.

Ioseb Kelenjeridze - Head of Law - Scientific Research Institute

Mariam Shikhamirashvili - Assistant


  • Ekaterine Lapachi - Chief scientist
  • Tatia Dolidze - Chief scientist
  • Nino Tsereteli - Chief scientist  
  • Ana Gurieli - Senior scientist
  • Giorgi Amiranashvili - Senior scientist
  • Tamar Avaliani - Senior scientist
  • Akaki Beridze - Scientist
  • Gvantsa Chaduneli - Scientist
  • Guram Gvinjilia - Scientist
  • Elene Kavtuashvili - Scientist
  • Tamar Mskhvilidze - Scientist


Objectives of the institute
  • The objectives of the institute are to:
  • Cooperate with international free scientific and educational community and be its active member.
  • Carry out joint scientific research projects together with Georgian and foreign partners in the field law.
  • Organize trainings, conferences, and lecture-seminars, training-methodological, scientific-methodological and other types of events.
  • Promote rising qualification in different fields of law for applicants of different levels.
  • Conduct international and nation-wide competitions and Olympiads.
  • Cooperate with relevant international scientific community.
  • Do scientific and analytical research in law and publish the material obtained.
  • Prepare and issue publications (monographs, manuals, scientific journals).
  • Promote the development of the law field.
Forms of activity
  • The forms of activities at the institute include to:
  • Hold seminars, discussions, conferences, training courses, presentations, competitions and various activities;
  • Cooperate with various social organizations, governmental structures, international and local donors; participates in projects and competitions, and comes up with initiatives of projects and competitions;
  • Carry out legal consulting;
  • Appear in court to protect the interests of physical and legal entities;
  • Ensure the involvement of students of the European University Law Faculty in trials;
  • Cooperate with foreign educational and scientific research institutions;
  • Attract professors and teachers from abroad and organize their lectures at European University.
  • Publish scientific journal in the field of law, both in print and in electronic form.
  • Translate foreign textbooks into Georgian and publish them.
  •  Carry out other academic, scientific research activities.