About Library

European University Library is a structural unit of the University, which, in accordance with the rules of use of the library, provides library resources for students, academic, invited, scientific and administrative staff. The library, located in both buildings of the university, is open every day, except Sundays, from 10:00 to 20:00.

The library's book fund consists of compulsory literature required for the implementation of educational programs operated by the University, as well as general publications, scientific and fiction, periodicals, digital literature, etc.

A prerequisite for using the library resources is to join the library, for which the reader is required to visit the library in order to register.

The library offers readers a book booking service as well as a book subscription service from another library. To use these services, the reader must send a request to the e-mail address of the library - library@eu.edu.ge.

Rules of conduct in the library:

In the reading room it is not allowed to smoke, make noise, talk, use a mobile phone, use computers located in the reading rooms for entertainment sites, watch movies, play gambling, change the configuration of computers. The rights and obligations of the reader are set out in the Terms of Use of the Library.

Electronic catalog

Library Foundation Catalog is presented in the electronic library program - openbiblio, through which it is possible to find the desired literature.

Library Administration

Tea Sikhuashvili – Head of the Library

Marine Kochlamazashvili – Librarian

Natia Kevkhishvili - Librarian

Sopho Maisuradze - Librarian

Nana Kekelia - Librarian