Researches - Faculty of Medicine

Research grant projects for the affiliated medicine academic staff

The Faculty of Medicine of the European University announces a one-year research grant project for medical-affiliated academic personnel.
Detailed information on submission of research projects, assessment criteria and financing can be found in the document "The procedures of Announcement of research grant competition, submission of research project and financing".

Basic information about the competition:

  1. Affiliated personnel of the Faculty of Medicine of the European University have the right to participate in the competition;
  2.  A project application shall be submitted in the Georgian and English languages only electronically, with a full package of documents requested. Incomplete documentation is not considered;
  3. The total amount allocated for funding research projects is 60 000 GEL in 2019;
  4. The budget of individual research project shall not exceed 20 000 GEL.

Terms for research grant competition:

  1. Research Grant Competition has been announced since 21st June 2019;
  2. Applications for participating in the research grant competition will be accepted from 21st June to 1st August 2019;
  3. The winner of the competition will be announced no later than September 15th, 2019;
  4. Interested persons should send a package of required documents to the electronic address at from 21 June to 01 August 2019;
  5. Consultation meetings will be held on July 5th and 19th.

Contact information for contestants:
Contact details: Tbilisi, Sarajishvili N17; D. Guramishvili Ave. N76.
Tel: 032 2141 181; 032 2000 171.