About Faculty

The Faculty of Law, Education, Business and Technology is the main educational unit of the University, Which ensures the preparation of students for undergraduate and graduate programs in the conditions of academic freedom and institutional autonomy.

The main task and objectives of the faculty is to provide students with education, relevant to modern standards and to train future-oriented, highly qualified, competitive specialists in accordance with the growing demands of the local or international markets;

Since the foundation, programs at the faculty have been constantly developing. According to the rules of the university, the implementation of the program is constantly monitored, including:

  • Systematic survey of students, employers, graduates;
  • Periodic research of market demand;
  • Observation of the lecture process.

As a result of the received feedback, amendments are made in the programs and the learning process is improved.

Another factor in the success of the Faculty is the highly qualified academic personnel, characterized by rich practical experience, which ensures the saturation of students' theoretical knowledge with practical aspects.

Annual international scientific and student conferences are held by the faculty which ensures strengthening the relations with domestic and foreign partners. It also ensures that, students' lives to be constantly active.

The aim of the Faculty of  Law, Education, Business and Technology is to corresponding to modern standards and to prepare future-oriented, highly qualified, competitive specialists in accordance with the growing demands of the local or international market.

Dean of Faculty:

 Learning Process Managers of the Faculty:

The following educational programs are offered at the faculty:

For more information about the programs, see the link.

The Institute of law is based on the basis of the faculty. It publishes the international scientific journal "Law and World". The Institute has signed understanding memoranda with high-ranked organizations and universities around the world.

The faculty contains a legal aid center. The center employs undergraduate students, who provide legal advice to people and companies, with the help of experienced practicing lawyers. According to the client’s requirement, they prepare legal documents and lawsuits, participate in the negotiation process, etc. The Center has provided a number of legal consultations, filed numerous lawsuits, and prepared legal documents since its establishment.

 One of the most important parts of the Center's activity is the constitutional proceedings. Students employed at the center prepare constitutional claims and a court friend position.

On the faculty basis, there is also a research institute on the economic and social problems of globalization. The staff of the institute actively participates in local and international scientific-practical conferences. They are editorial board members of scientific journals in Georgia universities and abroad. The Institute publishes the international scientific journal "Globalization and Business".

The European University conducts an annual evaluation of the academic-scientific activities of the academic staff. Based on the evaluation of the 2020-2021 academic year, the ranking list of the best performing academic staff at the faculty is as follows:

  • Givi Bedianashvili - 5 points;
  • Tatia Dolidzes - 4.97 points;
  • Ekaterine Natsvlishvili - 4.83 points;
  • Teimuraz Sturua - 4.59 points;
  • Mariam Kilanava - 4.56 points;
  • Ana Gvetadze - 4.22 points.