External Mobility
  • Mobility into the university is carried out under the “Regulation on transition from one higher educational institution to another” approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, within the timeframes established by the legal acts and in accordance with the acts of the director of  LEPL - National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement
  • The University is authorized to register free seats for mobility on the Electronic Portal of the LEPL - National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement
  • Mobility can be carried out within a single level of higher education.
  • The right to mobility into master’s programs and internal mobility is granted to a student only for the educational program that is consistent with the type of general master’s examination test he/she has passed.
  • If quantity of mobility applicants on the educational unit or program exceeds the number of registered seats, the number of students appropriate to the seats registered by the institution, whose results on the Unified National/Master’s examination exceed the relevant results of the mobility applicants, will be enrolled at the institution.
  • The Rector sets a deadline within which the mobility applicants shall submit required documents in the institution.
  • The mobility applicant, who fails to apply to the institution for enrollment or does not write an acceptance letter on recognized credits within the set deadline, loses the right to enter the educational program, apart from the cases envisaged by the legislation of Georgia.


Internal Mobility
  • Through the internal mobility, a student enjoys the right to change an educational program during his/her period of study.
  • Administration of the internal mobility process is carried out by the institution.
  • The internal mobility is announced based on the Order of the Rector at the beginning of spring and summer terms.
  • The right to participate in the internal mobility is given to a student even if he/she has suspended student status when mobility announces.
  • The internal mobility can be carried out within a single level of higher education. For the purposes of this paragraph, certified Medical / Dental / Veterinary Educational Programs will be deemed compatible with an educational program of the first level of higher academic education.
  • In the process of internal mobility, credits of students are recognized in accordance with the “Rule of compliance of educational programs and recognition of education acquired during a study period”.