Teacher training program

Who are eligible to enter the teacher training program?
  • A person who has a bachelor’s degree, academic degree equivalent to it or relevant professional military/sports education, is eligible to enter the teacher training educational program. Additionally, prerequisite for attending program is to pass the subject examination conducted by the National Assessment and Examination Center and the exam/s set by European University.


How many credits does the program cover?
  • The program covers 60 credits and is taught for no less than a year.


What status will I have if I complete the program and start work as a teacher?
  • If a student manages to complete the teacher training program, the university issues a certificate which gives a graduate the right to teach. If he/she begins a teaching career in a general educational institution, the graduate will hold the status of Head Teacher.


What documents shall I submit?
  • Application letter to the rector (is written in place).
  • Resume (CV).
  • Notarized copy of a document (Diploma) confirming the higher education.
  • A document certifying the pass of the subject relevant to the national curriculum (examination card).
  • Two photos 3x4 along with an electronic version on CD.
  •  A document confirming presence of military registration for those in military service. 
  • A copy of ID.


Name of the program/s and module/s:


  • Georgian language and literature (elementary level).
  • Georgian language and literature (basic and intermediate level).
  • Mathematics (elementary level).
  • Mathematics (basic and intermediate level).
  • History (basic and intermediate level).
  • Civic education (basic and intermediate level).
  • Geography (basic and intermediate level).
  • Biology (basic and intermediate level).
  • Physics (basic and intermediate level).
  • Chemistry (basic and intermediate level).
  • Science (elementary level).
  • English language (elementary, basic and intermediate level).
  • Russian language (elementary, basic and intermediate level).