Student Self-Government

At the European University, student self-government is selected electronically for a period of 2 years. Students with active status in all faculties of the university participate in the selection of candidates for student self-government. As a result of elections, quotas among the candidates are distributed equally to all faculties. Four quotas are allocated for each faculty. Student self-government, in total, consists of 12 members.

The president and vice president of student self-government are elected by the members of the self-government themselves, according to protocol, through internal elections.

Members of student self-government have been assigned specific functions: they launch communication platforms with students, regularly hold information meetings with them, and present the current year’s action plan.

The main purpose of student self-government is to promote the convergence of students of many nationalities at the European University and the formation of strong bonds between them. Accordingly, self-government plans and implements relevant activities, which, at the same time, serve to raise the awareness of local and international students and their socialization.

Student self-government plans and implements sports and intellectual games, field trips, and film screenings. It also invites interesting speakers, organizes an evening of different content, and organizes monthly meetings with students to identify their visions and needs.
Student self-government is also involved in the process of creating sports, cultural, cognitive, and intellectual student clubs. In the end, all this leads to the creation of strong unity among students.

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