Tuition Fees

When do I pay for the subject in which I have failed to pass the minimum score?

In case of re-registration on the subject, you shall pay for additional credit with the first part of the term fee.


What are the reasons for student status suspension?

Reasons for suspension of student status might be as follows:

  • Personal application of a student (if a student applies to the university within 10 days after the start of the term, the status will be suspended without charging the term fee, otherwise the student shall pay for the term).
  • Student status suspension for academic reasons (Delays in the registration on subjects is the basis for student status suspension by academic procedure.
  • Suspension of the status due to debt (any outstanding debt beyond due date specified by the contract is the ground for student status suspension).
What is the amount of a debt based on which the student might get the status suspended?

Accounting system introduced in the university automatically identifies students with debts.


How to restore my student status?

Restoration of student status takes place after eliminating the reasons for its suspension within 2-3 days, based on the written request.

How and who can benefit from individual payment schedule?

Individual payment schedule (determined by the university) can apply to a student who meets the following criteria:

  • He/she has not breached the terms of payment envisaged by the contract before writing the application concerning the payment schedule.
  • He/she has not violated the individual payment schedule (if such exists) agreed in previous term.


How to pay my tuition fee?

You can pay your tuition fee in any branch of the Bank of Georgia or TBC Bank. Identification Data:

  • European University Ltd
  • I/C 201 954 956

Bank of Georgia:

  • GE87BG0000000347729500
  • Bank Code: BAGAGE22

TBC Bank:

  • GE44TB7819636020100003
  • Bank Code: TBCBGE22

In addition, European University is involved in an electronic system of payment, i.e. in the Pay Box menu you can select the field "Education", search for European University and pay the tuition fee with the Personal Identification Number. To do this, bank requisites are not required.